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If you want the most amazing hair cut you have ever received then let's meet!


It's time to make your skin blemmish free and feeling smooth. I am an expert in this service.


Did you know you can change the icon to the left in the box?


Did you know you can change the icon to the left in the box?


I offer massages on Tuesdays from 9am-3pm.


By appointment only

Blow Outs

You can change all of the services and all of the text in every box!


You can change all of the services and all of the text in every box!

About Me

This is where you really can go into detail about you, about your salon or any message you would like to display. Let your clients know what your background is. Where did you go to school? Or, how many years have you been in this industry?

Are you looking for other topics to talk about? How about any charities you are involved in? What is the service that you specialize in? You have probably guessed by now that Hairmingo is a big time fan of specialties:)

At Hairmingo our specialty is getting you the right clients the first time. You work hard at what you do and we want to make sure that the clients you receive are long term, loyal clients.


I offer several amazing packages! If you don't see what you are looking for please contact me. What do you want to display for all your new and existing clients to read?


Finding a stylist that specializes in your type of hair can be a struggle. I specialize in several hair services.
If you don't see what you need please contact me for a persoanlized package based on your needs.

Hair Cutting

What a hair cut that is at the cutting edge of beauty? Then you've come to the right spot!

$ 16

Hair Massage

You pick what package you want to list, how you want to describe it and the price that you want to display.

$ 18

Hair Straighting

Tell your new and existing clients what you can do, straight up!

$ 10

Hair Styling

Style it up or style it down. You style your message.

$ 12


Here's the skinny-you rock and should let everyone know how talented you are!
Let's show everyone your glowing beauty.

Pearl Face Pack

A face as smooth as a pearl. That sounds delightful!

$ 2

Green Skin Pack

I love options that are green and friendly:)

$ 9

Gold Skin Pack

Who wouldn't love to feel golden all the time?

$ 15

Face Pack

Pack in all the punches! We want your clients to know everything you can do.

$ 12



122 Mingo Lane

Carol Stream, IL